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A hearty welcome to the cradle of the indigenous peoples of Europe, the Carpathian Basin. Please feel free to share your cherished thoughts with your close or distant relatives: 

Armenian, Avar, Azeri, Baktrian, Basque, Croat, Curd, Eravisci, Etruscan, Gaulois, Hungarian, Hunza, Hurrian, Irish, Jazig, Karapurak, Kassitan, Kazah, Kirzig, Kussanian, Magyar, Mayan, Mede, Nipponese, Polish, Sarmatian, Scottish, Székely, Tadzik, Tatar, Turkish, Turkmen, Ukrainian, Uyghur, Uzbec, Welsh;

also known as

Scythian, "People of the Light;" people of Kus, Nimrod, Gudea and Melchizedek; people of the Magus (Magi) Faith, Izzu (Jesus) and his mother, Parthian Princess Mary Adiabene-Kharax; the biblical people of Canaan, Gog, Magog, Parthia, Galilee, Samaria and Scythopolis, people who build their churches on biblical "High Places;"...

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(Fabian A. Bustamante , 2014.08.03 22:38)

Thank you very much for the information in this site, it has been very helpful and at the same time hard to process, I'm 100% pure blood Basque, born outside of the Basque land, but within the largest Basque population outside Iberia, I just discovered this a couple years ago, but now the spanish government is saying that the Basque people are jews, I have traced my bloodline and every book puts me back as a Trojan Descendant, to make it easy I descend from the Royal lineaje of the Goths, so how is this that the Basque are jews?, are they fixing the books again?. Any idea of how to make clear who is who?, please reply.

Thank you for your time and your work,

Fabian A. Bustamante


(leszerelt, 2014.12.03 03:37)

Dear Fabian,

To my knowledge, every government under the Western sphere of influence is a puppet institution kept in power by Jewish banker dynasties. The members of these governments can't even tie their shoes without permission from the Rothchilds, etc. If the try, they are out of office the next day. Consequently, they vehemently propagate the disinformation their masters dictate. Ignore everything you hear or read in their media, and conduct your own research.

The Basques are propagated today as Jews because it is in the bankers' interest to foment hatred between Basques and their neighbors. We see the same ruse everywhere, in Hungary, too, where well-paid scribes, masquerading as scientific researchers, outright lie about the history of autochthonous peoples and fabricate new origins for societies their masters want to culturally castrate. Suggested reading:

As far as I know, the Basques are a Celtic people, related to the Gauls, Welsh, Irish and Scots in Western Europe, and other Scythian peoples elsewhere in Eurasia.

Good luck with your reserach.

(Joseph, 2014.11.05 17:27)

Nagyon sokat fektetnek a magyarsagra, ami helyes lenne, de rossz szemszogbol nezik.
Elsosorban a Hun Atilla eszmejetol teljesen letert a magyar hit. Megtagadta a sajat istenet, ugy szinten mint Jezus Krisztus, aki megtagadta a sajat zsidosagat. Persze beleertve a Szent Imret, vagy Szent Istvant. Igy tehat, mar 9-10 szazadban azok a "szentek" megtagadtak a sajat nemzeti hituket, megcsufoltak Atillat! Igy akkor, hogy lehet hinni a keresztenysegnek, mely megnyerte oket, es azok sajat hituk megszegesnel fogva igazi farizeusi, hittoroknek minosultek.
Megint csak teves eszmekkel akarja a maguk mozgalma/lapja labra allitani a magyarsagot.
Elsosorban az igaz magyar tortenelmet kell tanitani az iskolakon es nem holmi nacionalizmussal es magyar/vatikan egyhaztol fuggo eszmekkel beszennyezni a magyarok lelket, mas nemzeteket, fajokat. Az igaz tortenelem eleg buszkesseget kelt majd bennuk, nem kellenek ahhoz ures jelszavak. Magyarok a sajat tortenelemukkel beerik barkivel szemben, sot felulmuljak es van mit toluk irigyelni. De ebbol nem kell a nacionalizmust kelteni, a keresztenyseget magasztalni, mely a Hunokat, Avarokat, Magyarokat elvetette, elhallgatatta, hanem az igaz emberi szeretetet es masokkal szembeni tisztelettartast.

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